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Interesting App!

Highly recommend to people who love cooking and restaurant simulation game.

Love it!

My favorite app of all time

It WAS fun

This game was super fun and really addicting at first and then it came to the point where you cant play unless you spend a hefty sum of money on gems. I dont mind spending a few bucks here and there but it comes to the point where you have to spend $20+ on every restaurant if you want to upgrade everything necessary to get 3 stars. Also, dont be fooled by the casino, you would have better luck at a real slot machine. I have spent over 20,000 coins at a time and have not won once on multiple occasions. I just think this whole game is kind of a scam in disguise, which makes me really sad because it was super fun and addicting. I honestly wouldnt mind paying $5 or more for the app if it made upgrading things easier but Im not about to spend hundreds on something imaginary...


This is a very fun game

Love this game

*** I really like the challenges. They are pricey on diamonds and you dont break even when you win because of all the upgrades you have to make to help complete the challenge. I do not think you should have to pay 14 diamonds in hopes of winning 30. All that aside, its fun. *** Out of all the food games, this seems one of the most realistic. It can get expensive because diamonds are not cheap. I always like to win all three stars on each level so it requires upgrades to your food and equipment and restaurants to do so. If you return each day, after 9 days you will get 2 diamonds every day after upon your return. Leveling up gives you 7 diamonds as well. I look forward to the next update! I hope its here soon!




Loooove it

Great game!

This game is totally addicting if your into games like "Diner Dash", but in my opinion this totally beats the diner dash app.

Stress relieve

Love this game


Ive been playing this for about a year and Im so in love with this its challenging yet still able to level things up!! Im so excited for more upgrades and more gems!!!

Great game .... But

Its a pretty awesome game until you have no gems & its almost impossible to get them. Or get enough to upgrade your kitchen thus moving on to the next levels. And a few times I started a new day got 7 gems & just like that they disappeared!! I dont know if it was a glitch or what but I had been waiting so long to get at least 10 ! So imagine my disappointment. :( please fix !!! Game is really cool & challenging just kind of a bummer with the whole gems issue.


its very addicting, hard at first but then you get used to it

Fun game but....

This game is really fun, but it takes too long for the new versions to come out.


Good game

I cant find anything wrong with this game

Love it

Ive been playing this game for quite a while and i love it, it never gets old. And i dont have any issues getting gems like some of these other people are saying. You automatically get 2 for logging in everyday, 15 gems for playing the slot machine everyday, and 7 gems every time you level up. Gems add up pretty quickly!

Cooking fever

I LOVE this game!!


I love cooking perfect game for me

So addicting

So addicting

Very frustrating 1 million coins mean nothing only gems

I love this game HOWEVER I think it is ridiculous that I have 1 million coins that I cant do anything with. You cant buy anything in the game if you dont have gems so the coins are basically worthless. And you only get 7 gems for leveling up and 2 gems if you go on every single day. So if I want to buy anything I have to go on like 10 days in a row. Also there are levels I have MEMORIZED knowing what every customer would order but I still cant beat it. This is because you are forced to buy the upgrades on all the items and that makes it very frustrating when you are actually fast at the game but it doesnt matter if you dont have the gems

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