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Not a fair game

İf you will require so much diamond at most upgrade and new restaurant there should be an easier way to gain diamonds than the casino or level upgrades otherwise its nothing but a money trap and its not fair. So until this nonsence will be fixed my grade will be 2 stars for you.

I love this game

Nice game

Its a nice game

I really love this game but please can you make a new way to have gems because its a really hard thing to do in this game and thank you very very much for that muck of fun




Very Nice

Good but ...

Game is good but there is a problem with upgrades . I cant upgrade or buy new place even if it is unlocked and I have coins

Best cooking game

Therere several cooking games around but this one is the most fun and bug free. Recommend very much if you want to lose time mindlessly.


Very Good


Nice game, addictive, many different restaurants. Too bad you dont earn enough gems or earn them fast enough because after first two places its hard to get kitchen upgrades.

Good opinion

The best game of the world! Really addective i like it!

Love it!

The game, overall is very addicting, but I hate not having enough diamonds, because you cant do very much without any. The game is very fun!

Cool Cooking Fever


Thats a cool game! Thanks


What a perfect app!




The game is challenging and fun. But when I decided to take the game puzzle challenge which would give coins and gems if I should win. I noticed that the game removed 26 gems from my 42 newly acquired gems that I had recently bought. So Ive just deleted your game. I am so totally annoyed.

Love It

This is the best cooking game ever I place this game as the number one cooking game in the world. I never played a cooking game as fun as this ever, so I rate this game 5 stars and if it went to 100 stars I would rate it 100 stars. Thats how awesome, and amazing this game is.

That why it call cooking fever

I cant put my iPad down. Its so addictive. If u want a game thats addictive get this.


Ever since i was little i would loveeeeee game like this. Dinning Dash? Boy i will never forget that game. and this game is just like it! The more you upgrade the better and easier the game is! Its so easy to win coins and to keep customers satisfied. Game has no ads, (thankfully) and doesnt seem to be causing any problems to my iphone. I just started playing it i think yesterday? And im already addicted!! Its worth the download. Try it out!!


Fun game, even addicting...but unplayable after a certain point unless you pay real money. Diamonds should either be easier to obtain or not everything should cost diamonds to upgrade. How greedy. Will uninstall unless something changes.

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