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They want your money

This game is super fun for a few days, then as you progress you realize everything needs gems, and your only option is to level up or buy gems. This game would be really fun if gems were easier to come by like other apps where you can watch videos, surveys etc. I keep redownloading hoping they would change this but it never changes. I think the developers are too money hungry.


This a good game . Its keeps you very occupied. Although you may get frustrated, youll want to play more and more


I am obsessed with this game but I need more restaurants please

Fun game but need to quit holding gems hostage!

This game is so fun and addicting but its a little ridiculous how difficult it is to earn gems. I love the idea of playing "challenges" to earn them, but you have to pay to enter!!! With gems, no less! I mean, come on! Other games with similar functionality at least make it a little easier to earn these kinds of commodities without paying. If you can fix that, 5 stars, for sure. But until then, what a bummer! Boo!!!

Addicting But Gem Issue Is Irritating

This game is really fun with addictive play and lots of variety. But the companys obvious, blatant attempts to get people to spend not just a little money but LOTS of money is really irritating. Once you get past the first 20 levels or so in the first restaurant, it becomes impossible to proceed without upgrading equipment and the restaurant interior, 98% of which cant be upgraded without lots of gems. Gems that, in the quantity needed, can only be found by buying lots of gem packs and frequently. No other way to get past higher levels or open up other restaurants. As other reviews have stated, the casino is a ripoff. You can spend 10,000 coins in there and win nothing at all. The developers really need to improve the win ratio or risk losing players. Sadly, I will have to stop playing. I could have maybe spent some money to get past a few difficult levels but the way the game is designed, even if I got past those levels, Id still need a ton of gems to open up new restaurants end get past future levels. Too bad, I really liked the game a lot.


Really fun and addicting once you start playing it!


My son downloaded this game on his iPad and it synced to my iPhone so I just started to play at 4am next thing I know its 6am !

Its ok but....

Its ok but it needs more fun things to do such as mini games cool ones and also let people actually open up a restaurant of their choice like make it but they give them option when making

Cooking Fever

This game is awesome!

Fun game, worth playing

Not as ridiculous with in-app purchases as some games.

Insane amount of gems needed.

The first area in game is tons of fun, very addictive, and fairly easy to get 3 stars on all levels. Then I bought the bakery, which costs coins and some gems. I was able to get 2 stars on all levels without needing to buy a ton of upgrades requiring gems. Then I got my 3 area, the pizzeria. Nearly everything requires gems to upgrade. Just to upgrade the cheese for the pizzas the first time costs 5k coin and 20 gems, which is about $2.00 worth of gems. Thats for the first upgrade of just one ingredient. As fun as this game is, Im removing it from my devices. I can understand needing gems to unlock new areas, and maybe for the really high end upgrades, but when everything requires them, it becomes to expensive They do pretend that you can win gems at the casino. I blew over 20k in coins (100/spin) and didnt win a single gem or coin.

Need More Free Opportunities For Gems!

I love this game but the free opportunities for gems dont come quick enough for me...I have more than enough coins so I can use the slot machine, but those chances to get gems are SUPER low too. Even if you just need to watch ads to redeem gems would be great!

Grate Game so far!

Its so fun to play and people who love cooking games you will love this game. My only problem is you have a short time to make people happy. But grate game so far!


Is crap.

Awesome & Fantastic

Get your checkbook out

This game is way too dependent on buying resources. Total rip off.

Upgrade new restaurants

WILL YOU EVER GIVE ME A UPGRADE ? 10) I been asking for a UPGRADE SINCE DECEMBER LAST YEAR N YET I HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANYTHING .. WHY IS THIS ? PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY ? 9)PLEASE CAN U GIVE A UPGRADE NEED NEW RESTAURANTS HELP !!!!!! PLEASE I BEEN WAITING FOR A UPGRADE FOR NOW 8 MONTHS I BEEN A GREAT SUPPORTER AND I SHOULD NOT BE TREATED LIKE THIS PLEASE HELP !!! 8) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GIVE ME NEW RESTAURANTS!!!!!!!! 7)PLEASE PLEASE HELP !!! NEED A UPGRADE NEED NEW RESTAURANTS!!!! 6)Good evening this is my sixth time asking for a upgrade for a restaurant.. This is the only game app that takes months for a response or action.. Please Please Please Please help !!!!! 5)Good morning this is my fifth time asking can u upgrade me with a new restaurant.. Please can you explain to me why I have not received a new restaurant I dont know what else to do ! 4) Good morning please note that this is my fourth request for a upgrade .. Please can u explain to me why does it takes 7 months before u get a New Restaurant .. This is the only complaint that I have with this game .. Please can u help !!!!!!!! 3)Please can u give a upgrade restaurant.. I been waiting for at least 7months .. I completed all of my restaurants.. Thank u 2)Please Please can u upgrade me wit two restaurants.. Its been six months since I received a upgrade on restaurants.. Please help !!! 1)Please can u upgrade me wit a new restaurant.. If possible can u give me 2new restaurants so I wont have to ask for another 6 months .. This would be very appreciated Thank u Please can u give me back my gems that I spent on the challenge on the bakery .. I got to level 13 and it five times and it will not allow me to reach the star. To show I completed it.. This is very wrong n I spent 30 gems to enter the challenge and spent a total of 15 gems on desserts .. Please help !!!! Please can u send me new restaurants.. I been waiting for 6 months.. This is all I need PLEASE PLEASE HELP !!!!!! PLEASE CAN U GIVE UPDATES NEW RESTAURANTS.. HELP !! Why does it takes forever for the updates to get more restaurants.. Completed several restaurants n now waiting for a new restaurant update for 4months .. Help!!!!! Appreciate your help I would first like to wish you a happy holiday! I really enjoy playing this app and I am sure there are a lot of others tht enjoy this app.. I would have thought that you would have shown some of appreciation to your players, with Christmas bonus .. Example 50 diamonds or something.. I play with a lot of different apps and they showed their players appreciate with some kind of bonus .. This is the first app tht have not showed any of their players NOTHING !!! Why is this ?


The game is very fun and slightly addicting but it is great for someone who wants a good challenge


I absolutely love this game, but who are the developers? I have passed all of the available levels with 3 stars and there hasnt been an update in months. The challenges are fun when they do happen to appear which isnt often. If you dont want to pay for gems or dont know how to get them, then dont even think about playing this game. It is impossible to win without them.

This game...

Is awesome! I love it!

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