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Plutôt sympas

Plutôt sympas

Too pay to win...

We always needs gems to play


Love it!

I love the game! The only thing that I dislike is that its difficult to earn more gems, the limited time offer cooker is worth every gem!

Pretty great

Its great, I love it but, like everyone is saying, it is a hassle to get gems and to buy is so expensive!

It could be amazing

I love the content and the actual gameplay is awesome but its actually impossible to advance anywhere because gems are so hard to get. Dont waste your money on the slots. Ive dumped thousands of gold and never gotten more than a single coin lineup. So stupid. Im not spending cash on a game that makes it feel like you have no choice but to spend real money.


Would download again to get free credits on a different app



No fair chance without purchase. Sleazy gameplay.

Some levels are purposely made impossible to pass unless you PURCHASE gems. Its absolutely ridiculous. Everything costs gems AS WELL as game currency so they make it impossible to pass levels on purpose. Very unfair and devious. Im deleting this game right now, and I would suggest if you have it do the same to show this game company to not continue doing this. I refuse to put money into a game that will not give me the chance at a fair game. This just shows the sleazy representation this game company stands for.

Good game but clearly wants your money

Im willing to spend some but they have to meet me half way

This game is so awesome. Really enjoy it.

Fun but

Im not spending my money on any in app purchases, including gems

Fun but stressful

Didnt think Id enjoy it but its kinda fun.


I love this game


Are the only reason this game doesnt get 5 stars. Its so much fun but earning/getting stars is so hard....

Its fun, but...

Its a fun, challenging game where food is involved, but gems are too hard to earn so upgrading is difficult!


Game is great to begin, however, as you advance through the levels you have to buy more gems for lower kitchen and restaurant upgrades, so when it comes to advancing through the game it becomes very very very expensive. Complete rip off.

Cute and addictive!!

Boo on your gems systems

Fun but...

Its too hard to collect enough gems to upgrade your restaurants. If the developers dont want to lower the number of gems for upgrades perhaps increase the xp points so you can level up faster. The game gets very boring if you have to play the levels over and over again


Fun little game. Something to do when youre bored.

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